Holistic Pharmacist & Scientist

Born researcher, specialized in Biomedical Sciences, Cancer, Immunology, Epigenetics and Pharmacy.


My Holistic Mission:

Holistic: “Seeing the human body and living organisms as a whole, and not just parts or symptoms”.

How does Your Holistic Advocate differ from Traditional Health Care?

Your Holistic Advocate provides a customized, unique holistic approach to help you achieve a healthy life, by finding the root cause of each individual's problem (diet, lifestyle, medications, supplements, emotional, and mindset). Each person requires a fresh and comprehensive assessment in order to understand their needs and imbalances. As Your Holistic Advocate, I will take the time to learn your lifestyle and craft a solution that is right for you.

As a researcher and clinical pharmacist, I have the knowledge, expertise and tools to bring together a strategic plan to help you succeed and obtain your ultimate Health goals. Your Holistic Advocate is exactly that a “Health” advocate you need in the times of disease, confusion, overwhelmed, sudden diagnosis, unexpected change of health in a relative, more medications added to your list, which supplements are right for you, knowing the steps to take for a healthy life.

How can I help?

We discuss your health concerns, medical records, family medical history, social and emotional state, medications, supplements, diet, lifestyle, and more. Then, we suggest a unique, customized holistic approach consisting of diet, lifestyle, supplements, natural solutions and if needed direct you to traditional allopathic medicine (indicating the next steps to take).

For instance, during a visit to your physician, I will advocate in a professional and knowledgeable manner, to achieve the best out of the consult, providing you the understanding from what is being discussed and moreover, with your prior approval, asking the right medical questions on your behalf in order to provide the ultimate care you deserve.

As Your Holistic Advocate, I will help you understand any diagnosis, medical treatment options you have been recommended by your physician, medications and its adverse effects, natural remedies that have been suggested for you, and more, we are here to support you in all your heatlh needs. Similarly, there is a legal advocate (often an attorney) supporting you in Court, now you have a health advocate that will support you in the Doctor's Office or in the Hospital.

As Your Holistic Advocate, we will help you reach your optimal self! You have the potential to be the change you want in your life, we are here to support you with the right tools and guidance.

We discuss your health concerns, health records, family medical history, and diet/lifestyle habits. Then I will suggest a unique, customized holistic approach comprising of diet, lifestyle, and spiritual practice choices. Furthermore, I will direct you to a highly specialized healthcare professional, who will provide functional treatment.

As your Holistic Advocate, I will help you reach your optimal self! No more pain, aches, fatigue, or lack of motivation. With the right tools and guidance, you have the potential to change! Let's start your journey together! This is the job of Your Holistic Advocate!

My Services:

I offer an analytical, holistic, practical and compassionate perspective in all my programs and activities.

Health advocacy:

  • Comprehensive review of your case (medical history, medications, supplements, lifestyle, laboratory results, medical records)
  • Advocate during doctor’s visits or hospital admissions
  • Prepare for doctor’s visits or hospitalizations
  • Guidance through a diagnosis
  • Education of medications, side effects, diagnosis and health states.
  • Assistance during transition from traditional medication to a functional or natural medicine
  • Stop the progression of chronic degenerative diseases, such as Diabetes, naturally
  • Consultation on supplements, natural remedies, or interventions

Holistic coaching for extending quality of life.

  • Mentorship
  • Guidance
  • Education

About Xochitl

As Your Holistic Advocate, Dr. Xochitl Cortez-Gonzalez empowers families, corporations, entrepreneurs, to live a holistic and balanced lifestyle. Her 10+ year background in clinical pharmacy, peer-reviewed publications, and patents in cancer and immunology research enables her to offer a unique perspective bridging western and Functional Medicine. Dr. Cortez-Gonzalez has been actively involved in Holistic Medicine related research and initiatives to bring more evidence-based awareness to Alternative Medicine and topics that affect our body homeostasis with nature.

Xochitl’s compassion, heart, and devotion to service has inspired her to facilitate numerous initiatives to help third-world countries in many realms including holistic health, clinical pharmacy, academic abroad opportunities, charity work, and more. Growing up in Mexico and through her worldwide travels, Dr. Cortez-Gonzalez has a great cultural and human awareness that offers a deeper appreciation to health and wellness. One of her personal challenges has been to educate her family into holistic health care.

Born Researcher Outwardly energized! Balanced Brainstormer Elaborative Advocate Problem-solving pacesetter Specialized in Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy Visual Mindset Investigative Process supporter Concrete Idea Generator Three-dimensional thinker Good communicator Balanced Focus Goal Setter Social Discerning Outgoing!

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